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10th Bordeaux RNA Club Symposium

The submission deadline for abstracts has been reached! Thank you all for your participation. From now, if you wish to provide an abstract for a poster, please contact the committee directly via this email address: rnaclub@u-bordeaux.fr

Thank you all

RNA plays a major role in the control of gene expression across all kingdoms of Life. Thus, it is no surprise that RNA-dependent regulatory processes are at the heart of numerous pathologies, including cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and infectious diseases.

Initially meant as a forum for the local RNA community, the Bordeaux RNA Club Symposium now brings together French, European and international researchers for two days of scientific talks and discussions in the early summer.

In 2018, we are pleased to welcome six invited speakers and a number of additional selected speakers, including Gerald Joyce (Salk Institute), Lori Passmore (MRC-LMB), Scott Blanchard (Weill Cornell Medicine), Julian König (IMB), Kathi Zarnack (Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences) and Florence Besse (Institut de Biologie Valrose).



Moreover, the 10th edition of the symposium coincides with the Bordeaux wine festival (https://www.bordeaux-fete-le-vin.com), giving you the opportunity to discover the southwestern French city of Bordeaux while listening to some exciting science!


Look at the video of the 2016 symposium :


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